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Network for the perfect company move

( mit Anmeldung )

Below you will find a few of the most important tips on how to carry out your company move successfully, quickly and inexpensively.

It's not just about saving money and time that is important for you - we also care about safety and quality and make a perfect company move!

Our partners include the best and most experienced moving service providers on the market, they have years of experience and a wide range of know-how and know exactly what they are doing ...

This guarantees you the cheapest and most worry-free moving solution!

Tip 1

Take care of your customers

We cannot and do not want to tell you how to run your business. But don't forget who your customers are and how you have to earn your money in the turbulent moving times. Do everything you can to maintain operations and customer proximity - will take care of the rest!

Tip 2

Get rid of the unnecessary

Use the opportunity of the upcoming move to dispose of everything that you no longer need or to get rid of. Get rid of unnecessary ballast. This lowers costs and gives room for new things! If you wish, we will be happy to help you with the evaluation and sale of used furniture, with the disposal.

Tip 3

Make a list

Make a list for yourself with all the points that are important to you when moving. This list then gives you the guardrail for the evaluation criteria that are relevant and decisive for you when placing the moving orders with the various service providers.

Tip 4

Take the chance

A move is always an opportunity to rethink the structures and models that have evolved and to improve or change them if necessary. An inspiring environment can give you wings and encourage rethinking ...

If you wish, we will be happy to show you reference objects that will inspire you!

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