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about us...

The network for the complete and perfect company move in your area,

in 7 major regions in Switzerland!

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Regionen für Ihren Firmenumzug:

  1. Genfersee / Wallis 

  2. Espace Mittelland

  3. Nordwestschweiz

  4. Zürich

  5. Ostschweiz

  6. Zentralschweiz

  7. Tessin

What are we doing?

Under the protected brand we have created a network with experienced and committed moving service providers from all over Switzerland for customers willing to move. In 7 major regions of Switzerland, we take over the evaluation for> your company move. This saves you a lot of time, resources and money! And the best - it's free for you!

We evaluate all the services you need for a company move, such as:



How does it works?

If you are interested, click the request button below or in the top right corner. Then register as a customer and get access to the relocation questionnaire. We use this to inquire about your needs and then forward them to our suitable partner companies. You will then receive fair and comparable offers.

This is free of charge for you and without any obligation!





The procedure / process ...


Register here with your contact details and you will have access to the comprehensive criteria questionnaire. Then take around 20 minutes to fill out the relocation criteria form according to your needs and wishes.

You will then receive the desired individual and comparable offers from the leading service providers in our network.

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